Grand Theft Auto V‘s PC release is less than a week away. Some final details are starting to come together. GTAV is a big game. The edition that hit Xbox 360 took up two full DVDs (and one PlayStation 3 Blu-ray). Then Rockstar went and raised the resolution and fidelity on everything and threw in a whole ton of new animations and features when it had the storage capacity of a Blu-ray disc. As a result, if you purchase Grand Theft Auto V on disc, you’ll find seven full discs, as seen above, in a box like this:

These aren’t official images, but with a 65GB Steam install, seven discs seems very likely.

In addition to these leaked images of the physical discs, we now have an idea of what options PC gamers will have available for squeezing the most out of their graphics cards. While many console ports offer some fairly basic options, Grand Theft Auto has some pretty extensive  stuff available. PCGamer has a full set of screenshots of the options screens, but here’s a rundown:

  • Video memory slider.
  • Ignore suggested limits option.
  • Options for screen type, aspect ratio and refresh rate.
  • DirectX Version Output monitor: 1-3.
  • Anti-aliasing: FXAA, MSAA and Nvidia TXAA supported.
  • Pause game on focus loss.
  • Scaling bars for population density, population variety and distance scaling.
  • Texture quality: normal to very high.
  • Shader quality: normal to very high.
  • Shadow quality: normal to very high.
  • Reflection quality: normal to very high.
  • Reflection MSAA
  • Water quality: normal to very high.
  • Particles quality: normal to very high.
  • Grass quality: normal to very high.
  • Soft shadows options: softer, softest, AMD CHS, Nvidia PCSS.
  • Post FX options: up to ultra.
  • Motion blur strength: scaling bar.
  • In-game depth of field effects: on/off.
  • Anisotropic filtering: up to x16.
  • Ambient occlusion options.
  • Tesellation options.
  • Advanced graphics.
  • Long shadows: on/off.
  • High resolution shadows: on/off.
  • High detail streaming while flying: on/off.
  • Extended distance scaling bar.
  • Extended shadow distance bar.
  • Benchmark testing.

Grand Theft Auto V releases for PC on April 14.

[Edit: Corrected number of discs in the PlayStation 3 version]

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