Grand Theft Auto V has been released in Japan and has unsurprisingly claimed the best launch the series has seen. It’s been tearing up the sales charts around the world, and what would lead anyone to believe Japan would be any different? Well, how about being denied first on the sales charts by cute little monsters?

Rockstar’s record smashing game managed to sell 360,115 in its first week on the PlayStation 3 followed up with 26,612 on the Xbox 360. Japanese sale firm Media Create puts it as selling through 85.71 percent and 92.57 percent of its shipments respectively.

The previous sales record was held by Grand Theft Auto: Vice City which sold 246,000 units on the PlayStation 2. Grand Theft Auto IV managed only 132,676 PlayStation 3 copies and 33,648 Xbox 360 copies.

Despite the impressive launch, it still managed to open only at number 2, being denied king-of-the-hill by none other than Nintendo’s Pokemon X and Y.

This is Japan still, after all. Did anyone expect Pokemon to not remain at number one for at least the remainder of the year?

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