Behold the beauty of sandbox games. Who needs a string of thinly tied missions when there is so much fun to make on your own? These guys had made it their mission to land a car in the belly of an airplane, and they succeeded spectacularly.

YouTube channel GTAmissions has the great video of two players cooperating to complete "The Impossible Catch." It's a stunt worthy for the likes of a ridiculous game like Just Cause 2, not the semi-"grounded in reality" Grand Theft Auto series. Great shot kid, that was one in a million!

Rockstar should be thanking these guys, because that video picked them up another sale. I've decided it's finally time to join in the fun and give Grand Theft Auto V a go. I never bought into Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV because these kinds of things were not really possible, but seeing as they are in GTAV, I'm on my way to order my own copy now.