Last week, some eagle-eyed Grand Theft Auto V players noticed that a recent patch made things look a bit flat. Rockstar announced quickly they were looking into it.

About a week later, the game is up from version 1.08 to 1.10 and things are resolved, it seems.

A 1.09 patch arrived that resolved many of the issues pointed out in the original video, such as the collision problems, but it didn’t fix the missing parallax occlusion mapping that gave textures depth. The 1.10 patch fixes that and, according to Eurogamer‘s Digital Foundry, does so without reversing the improvements seen in the previous patch.

The 1.10 patch is 4.7 gigabytes, so be ready to wait for a bit. Despite conspiracy theories suggesting otherwise, it appears the changes really were unintentionally introduced rather than removed to improve performance.