WARNING: This is a Grand Theft Auto V video, meaning it might be NSFW.

It’s video game science at its absolute best. Add a grappling hook to a video game, the game becomes exponentially more fun! Avalanche Studio got the grand idea a few years ago to not only add a grappling hook to a sandbox style video game but to build an entire game around one. Toss in an infinite supply of disposable parachutes, and Just Cause 2 was born.

That fun will live on this fall when Just Cause 3 is released, but in the meantime, those who own Grand Theft Auto V can experience it a little earlier with a brand new mod. The latest in a masterpiece string of mods for the game’s PC release, this one by JulioNIB, perfectly mimics each of Just Cause 2’s grappling hook functions.

Attach civilians to a car? No problem! Propel yourself to any attachable surface? Sure thing! Surf along the roof of cars? Absolutely! In fact, I’d say this mod actually improves on the mechanic because more than one line can exist at a time. Watch as Franklin attaches an entire army of police cars to a helicopter!

The mod even combines the grappling hook with the parachute, but Grand Theft Auto V’s physics are sadly not quite able to replicate the infinite gliding technique from Just Cause 2.

Like most mods that rip off other games’ ideas, the animation is rough, and the physics don’t make the mechanic look natural. However, there is more than enough trade-off here to explore the full potential of this mod. You can download it at JulioNIB’s blog.