Grand Theft Auto games do such a good job of capturing the feel of real cities, from the look of each neighborhood and the life within the city to the particular landmarks, that it’s hard for modders to resist making the game push that boundary that much more. The addition of a First Person mode in Grand Theft Auto V’s PC and new generation release helped, but there’s more to be done.

That’s where Reddit user Toddyftw, Martin Bergman, comes in. Bergman downplays his work saying “Don’t go bananaz![sic] It’s just Reshade shaders, ENB series, simple tweeks, and some tonemapping with class!”

He’s giving a game new life for many users, though, and mods like this make the game beg for amateur photographers to take a tour and find some beautiful sights to check out. I will say, though, that the photorealism makes the gun in the center of the window look that much sillier.

The framerate in the below video isn’t great, but it also depicts an early build filmed on a laptop also being used to record the video, so don’t discount it based off that. Bergman says the mod knocks 10-40 FPS off your framerate currently.