The wonderful modding scene has erupted with glee thanks to the PC release of Grand Theft Auto V. We’ve seen brilliance in the form of both insanity and stark seriousness, and Rockstar’s helpful movie editing tools only make this chaos that much easier to catch on film. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

And then we have this. Using the Script Hook 5 tool, which allows players to mess with .asi plugins and essentially become any creature they want from the game, YouTuber Merfish has shown us what Grand Theft Auto V is like playing as an enormous humpback whale.

Watch with glee as whales rain from the sky, causing destruction on a massive scale and only mildly annoying the citizens who react indifferently to its presence. Exploding cars, flattened pets, random jumps at the flick of a muscle. One even manages to land on a blimp hundreds of feet above the Earth.

The brisk editing and use of “Orpheus in the Underworld” perfectly captures the sheer mayhem of Loony Tunes during its most off-the-wall, manic chase scenes. Man, I need a good enough PC to finally play this game.