Kotaku is reporting from a "source familiar with the game" that Rockstar's newly announced Grand Theft Auto V will take place in a fictional version of Los Angeles. This report comes after Rockstar showed off a single GTA V logo and the launch date for the game's first teaser trailer, November 2nd, 2011.

Their sources also indicate that the game's story will be playable from the vantage point of multiple characters, much like Grand Theft Auto IV and its subsequent post-launch content packs. Kotaku did not indicate, however, whether these multiple characters would be woven into the main story or if they would be set aside as pieces on their own right.

San Andreas, the location for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, is one of Rockstar's most cherished cities (or is it a state?). San Andreas combines sections from three famous U.S. locales: Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas. This rumor from Kotaku suggests that Grand Theft Auto V will focus in on Los Santos, the fictional portion of San Andreas meant to correspond with Los Angeles, and not the full scope of San Andreas.

If you've never been a Grand Theft Auto fan, you may be wondering why so much hullabaloo is being spent concerning the setting for GTA V. The fact of the matter is that Rockstar Games typically manages to create cities that practically stand as their own characters in the GTA franchise. Liberty City and San Andreas are cherished pieces in gaming lore, and that's what makes the next focal point for the franchise so important for fans.

Whatever the case may be, we'll likely see some level of clarification regarding which cityscape will get the Rockstar treatment in GTA V when the trailer releases next Wednesday. Once that clip drops, we'll be sure to post it and any news it brings right here on TechnoBuffalo.

[via Kotaku]

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