This was unexpected, but the open-world classic Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has just been released on the PlayStation 3 with a full modern-day overhaul. It replaces the PlayStation 2 Classics version and will set you back an extra $5 on top of the original price, landing at $14.99.

What does the extra $5 get you? Not a whole lot different from the upgraded Xbox 360 port released last year. Rockstar even uses the same screenshots on the PlayStation Store! The game presumably runs at 720p, and it also sports all the same corresponding trophies except for the “Trickster” achievement, which has been replaced by the platinum trophy.

This “Trickster” achievement required players to succeed in 10 pimping missions. No word if Sony wanted to dance around that little bit of controversy, or if it just needed the extra spot for the platinum trophy.

While Grand Theft Auto V might have replaced it in recent years, San Andreas often stands as the most beloved game from the franchise, perfectly combining open-world gameplay with a unique RPG system, a great story with wonderful voice acting, and most importantly, a whole lot of fun. It never loses itself in search for gritty realism, and it never sacrifices insanity for boredom.

Grand Theft Auto IV is where Rockstar did that a bit too much.

If you’re new to the franchise, this is a good place to start checking it out in its heyday. The revolutionary PlayStation 2 games might not have aged all that well, but with this fresh coat of paint and easier control scheme, it should provide a chance to catch up for those who were too young or not interested back in 2004.