Grand Theft Auto: Madrid, huh? Sounds exotic! If only it were as real as the people in this amazing and dead accurate fan parody created in live-action.

Zapruder Pictures, based in Madrid, Spain, have used their city as the backdrop for their recreation of the Grand Theft Auto V announcement trailer. Frame for frame, this is dead on accurate with very little help from CG or other tricks.

I mean, yeah, they made a CG jet, but where are they going to find a real one? And who’s gonna fly it kid, you?

Why just a fan made project? Watching this trailer makes the obvious about the real series so much more noticeable: Grand Theft Auto needs to move beyond the borders of North America. There are so many other fascinating cities in the world which could provide gorgeous architecture and very unique crime worlds. London, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Stockholm, Johannesburg, Mexico City. Take your pick.

We went to London in an extremely early GTA; why not again?

We’re waiting, Rockstar North. I’d even settle for Edinburgh! You can’ find a game setting in this lovely place? (Editor’s Note: Having visited Edinburgh last year, it actually would make a pretty awesome game setting. – Sean)


Celebrate your European heritage with a Grand Theft Auto straight from your own continent. I’m more than willing to bite.