The PlayStation Store will have to wait a little bit long for Grand Theft Auto III‘s PlayStation 2 Classic after the game was pulled from its July 31st release just moments before launch. Sony’s official PlayStation Blog made the announcement yesterday that “music licensing” issues caused the “unforseen complication.”

“There were some last minute issues with getting clearance for a certain audio track in the game; but the teams at Rockstar are on it to review how to best get this title on PSN”

While Grand Theft Auto III‘s release remains stuck in limbo for a little while, War of the Monsters still managed to squeak its release out this week. The decision between the two is much easier to make now. Leveling a city building by building with the hulking dead weight of a giant ape is just as fun, if not more fun, than using simple rocket launchers and poor driving skills.

[via PlayStation Blog]