War of the MonstersA pair of previous generation gems will be added to the PlayStation 2 Classics section of the PSN store this coming Tuesday. Both Grand Theft Auto III and War of the Monsters have both been confirmed for release on July 31 and will run you $10 each as is the normal price for the store.

We all know how many hours we put into Grand Theft Auto III back in the day after it changed the way we look at open world gaming. If you can shut your mind to horrible shooting mechanics and floaty cars, this might be a decent trip down memory lane.

Before Rockstar found its knack for creating immersive worlds, it used to make sandboxes free from rules and rigid mission structures. Target gets away too easily? Well, build a wall of cars in his path before the mission begins, and chuckle a little at your genius puzzle solving skills before blowing his helpless vehicle away with a rocket launcher. Problem solved. Can't do that in Grand Theft Auto IV or Red Dead Redemption.

The uninitiated might have a hard time jumping into this one, though, because of the geriatric control scheme doesn't match up to the standards found today.

War of the Monsters on the other hand was not a huge success. My experience doesn't extend past a match or two at an EB Games kiosk. Apparently it's a decent little find with cool character art and fully destructible cities. If I was forced to choose one of these two, I might actually go with War of the Monsters just to experience the giant monster nerdathon I missed out on.

Since Sony gutted the PlayStation 3 of its backwards compatibility, this is the only way to play PlayStation 2 games on a modern console. If you're the kind of person who doesn't mind paying for something you've already bought for the sake of convenience, check 'em out.

[via Siliconera]