Grand Theft Auto V money

Now that Grand Theft Auto V is out and available on the last generation, currently generation and PC platforms, the GTA team at Rockstar has apparently set its sights on the next entry in the source. A source went to techradar with the news that preliminary work has started on Grand Theft Auto VI (or 6, we suppose).

Now, that work didn't start without some looks at other offshoots for a Grand Theft Auto game. According to same source, before the team started on GTA6, it visited Japan with the idea of creating a Grand Theft Auto: Tokyotechradar's source indicated that Rockstar made the reference trip to Tokyo, Japan with serious plans to make a game in the country's capital, but it has since scrapped that idea.

It's not odd that Rockstar has started work on Grand Theft Auto 6 already. What's weird, at least from where I'm standing, is that the company has yet to announce single player DLC for Grand Theft Auto V. Could it already be moving on? Or, does it have a team in place to continue supporting content it once indicated was coming to the tale starring Michael, Trevor and Franklin?

We'll have more on whatever's next for Grand Theft Auto as it comes. For now, treat this GTA6 news as a rumor. A rumor that's likely true given the success of this franchise, but a rumor nonetheless.