The first time I played the original Gran Turismo, I was stunned at just how great the game looked. It looked just like real life! Of course, that was on the original PlayStation, and that came out over 18 years ago.

I don’t know if sixteen-year-old me could handle looking at Gran Turismo Sport. You don’t even have to squint anymore with most of the screenshots Sony and developer Polyphony Digital have put out. Whether it’s the desert sunset reflecting off the hood, or the silhouette of a car emerging from the bright sun into a shadowy tunnel, Gran Turismo Sport is narrowing the uncanny valley when it comes to showing off cars.

As the teams behind Gran Turismo and Forza compete to release the most visually compelling racing game, this kind of stuff is only going to get tougher to discern. It’s not until you see the cars controlled by humans with controllers that the illusion starts to break.

Gran Turismo Sport hits PlayStation 4 on November 15.