Gran Turismo 6 Leak (3)

What don’t we know about Gran Turismo 6 yet? We have an unofficial statement from a huge boss over at Sony saying Gran Turismo 6 will be a PlayStation 3 game. We have the game popping up on retail sites with a November 28th release date.

Now, we even have an early look at the PAL Box art thanks to leaked images found on Italian retailer The graphics have since been pulled, but the Internet never forgets. The leaks have been circled wide already, and displayed not only the box art but also the same November 28th, 2013 release date.

It seems like the only thing we don’t have is official confirmation that the game even exists. E3 is just around the corner, so expect even more rumors to pop up in the meantime, especially those hinting at an official reveal from Sony.