Gran Turismo 5 has been in the making for half a decade and it's finally due for release this year. I took the recent Time Trial Demo for a spin to see how the game is shaping up and in all honesty I was underwhelmed by both the graphics and gameplay.   GT5 has been hyped to be the best looking driving of all time, but the Time Trial Demo is not doing the game any justice. The car itself looks decent, but everything about the surrounding enviroment looks lackluster. The textures are bland, there are no environmental effects, no bump-mapping, no car damage and take a look at the PS1 style pixelated trees.  (1:30)

From the standpoint of gameplay the game lacks any sensation of speed. Driving down the track at a 100mph feels like jogging speed.  Driving beyond jogging speed into a curve will force the car into an uncontrollable spin off the track. I realize GT5 aims to be a racing simulator, but if this what it feels to drive a 500 horsepower race car down the track, I think i'll stick with my 52 horsepower Opel Corsa.