Graceful Explosion Machine (or GEM, as we heard the devs call it) will hit the Nintendo Switch exclusively on April 6, 2017. The game will sell for $12.99 at release. This news comes from the developer, Vertex Pop.

We’ve read from sites like Destructoid that GEM is a Switch exclusive for a limited time only, but we’ve been unable to confirm whether or not this is true. For now, the game’s site only lists the Nintendo Switch for platforms.

This game is nuts

We played Graceful Explosion Machine at PAX East a few weeks back, and we came away pretty impressed with the game. This is a horizontal SHMUP with a unique weapon system, gorgeous art style, impressive soundtrack and bizarre emoji system.

Yes, it has an emoji system. You can see the game in motion here. It’s pretty cool.

Snap up Graceful Explosion Machine on the Nintendo Switch on April 6.