Outland is a sweet little platformer that Ubisoft cranked out back in 2011 to brilliant reviews but unsatisfying success. In 2017, it makes for both a nice cult-hit back when the publisher took more risks on smaller games and a sweet deal every time it goes on sale for free!

Over the next two days, you can uncover and dust off this little gem for absolutely free. Since it was released before the launch of UbiPlay, you don't have to worry about installing anything else either.

Metroid meets Ikaruga

Outland doesn't have too many original ideas, but it only borrows from the best. The best way to describe it is a slightly linear Super Metroid with a bullet system that mimics Treasure's beloved SHMUP Ikaruga.

To put it simply, when your character is blue, only orange bullets can harm him, and when he is orange, only blue bullets can harm him. This creates countless puzzles and dazzling boss fights that will challenge your brain as well as your reflexes.

Excellent game, and with a $0 price tag, you can't possibly say no. Check it out, today!