At Verizon you can get an iPhone 7 for $5 a month or the 7 Plus for $10 a month. That's a great deal for anyone working from an even older generation and looking for a simple upgrade or for someone looking to get an inexpensive modern phone loaded with excellent features. The deal works by just charging you the regular price of the phone and then applying a monthly bill credit of $13.74. So over the course of your 24-month agreement with Verizon you'll get a $329.99 promo credit.


iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 did a lot of great things, and it's still a very powerful phone. Grab one for as low as $5 a month in every possible color.

$5 a month

The $5 a month price works for the 32GB versions. If you upgrade to 128GB on the iPhone 7, you'll end up paying $9.17 a month. The iPhone 7 Plus 128GB will cost $14.17 a month. You'll still get a total of $330 promo credit, but the larger capacity phones costs a little extra. The colors available include Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, and Black.

The iPhone 7 came out in 2016, but it's still a great phone that runs the most up-to-date iOS upgrades. I should know because I still use one, and it's in great shape. Check out our review of the iPhone 7 back when it first released. Remember this was the generation Apple first removed the headphone jack, and that drove some people nuts. I feel like we've gotten used to that by now since everyone is doing it, and it helps that the iPhone 7 generation was a great improvement over the previous phones. The review said, "It has the new A10 system-on-a-chip, which fuses high-performance and high-efficiency cores into a single, incredibly smart processor — we previewed some movie shooting bits that were mind blowing. The water resistance can be a life saver, as can the increased battery efficiency. The wide gamut P3 screen is eye-popping, and the new cameras, well, they're a revelation."

It also helps that the iPhone 7 continues to have a great selection of cases available, and you can keep the battery juiced up with Apple's smart battery case that is regularly on sale for 15% or more.

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