At Verizon you can get the 32GB iPhone 6s for free or upgrade to the 128GB version for just $5 a month. Sign up for a 24-month commitment and the price will be taken out of each monthly bill for a grand total of $349.99 savings by the end.

The deal requires you to sign up with a new smartphone line. The iPhone 6s might not be Apple's latest and greatest, but it's still a solid phone that works with all the latest iOS updates. With summer upon us, you might want to get this phone for your kid if he or she is out wondering and enjoying time off from school. It'd also be a nice gift for a graduate or maybe for that person in your life that's slow to upgrade.

Free phone

iPhone 6s 32GB smartphone

As long as you're willing to sign up for a two-year commitment to Verizon, the phone is yours for free. In fact, you can upgrade to the higher capacity version or go with the 6s Plus and only pay $5 a month.


Both the 32GB and 128GB versions come available in four different colors: Silver, Gold, Space Gray, and Rose Gold. You can also upgrade to the larger 6s Plus for $5 a month on the 32GB version or $10 a month for the 128GB version. It has the same colors available.

Our iMore crew initially loved the iPhone 6s, and most of them were still using it well after its initial release and even after Apple released the iPhone SE. It was a powerful phone in those days, and a lot of its excellent features still hold up after all this time. Although I'm sure the iMore team has moved on since most of them sort of need to stay up-to-date with the newer generations, you don't have to move on if you don't want to. The market hasn't given up yet, either. You can still find great accessories for the phone, including a variety of cases that look great and offer tons of protection, cases that extend the battery life, and more.

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