The very worst part about getting a new phone, aside from accidental damage, is the ever-present possibility of it being lost, misplaced or stolen. Unless you keep it tightly grasped in an iron grip—that would make life enormously difficult—the potential is always lurking. Not that you should run off and shelter yourself in fear; if you're responsible and conscious, chances are your device is safe. Don't worry. But it's still nice that apps such as GotYa! for Android exist.

A situation inevitably arises when you don't know where you last placed your device. We're absent-minded beings, it happens. GotYa! will give you the best possible chance of tracking down your Precious with a number of security precautions—it's no wonder the app has been consistently ranked in the Top 50 Tools on Google Play. Before you ask who, when, why, GotaYa! likely already has those answers.

With simple remote SMS commands, users can easily get important information from GotYa. Texting #whereareyou# will ping back the device's exact location, while #alarm# will shout an annoying alarm even if your device is on mute. If you've simply misplaced your device in your house, those features will be especially handy. You can also activate your screen, lock/unlock the device and request a callback.

In addition, the app has the ability to take silent snapshots using the front facing camera. So if a thief is perusing your address book, it'll take a picture and upload that picture to your Facebook, or even email you with the handset's precise location complete with a Google Maps link. There's also a very sneaky "Friendly Mode," which allows access to the device after a few wrong unlocking attempts. The description says this is done to encourage a thief (or someone who found the device) to keep using it, allowing the app to send back information regarding its whereabouts.

GotYa! explains in its Google Play description that the app is handy for multiple occasions, including locating a spouse—it says spouse tracking—and keeping tabs on children. Sounds a little invasive if it's not being used to locate an actual lost/stolen device, but its uses know no moral bounds. This isn't a new app by any means, though it was recently update this month. Don't lose your phone (for very long) ever again. GotYa! is currently $1.99 in the Google Play store.