Japan still loves them some Pikachu. The yellow rat is popular nearly twenty years after his monstrous debut on the video game scene, and despite other competitors arising both in and out of the Pokémon universe, he doesn’t seem to be retreating any time soon.

With that, here is something we’re surprised hasn’t happened yet: a brand new Pikachu bed! Available through Japanese online retailer Mercari, this bed measures in at 220 cm (7 feet, 3 inches) long and 150 cm (4 feet, 11 inches) wide, and weighs 15 kg (33 pounds), so moving it around and finding a reasonable place to put it shouldn’t prove too difficult.

The funny thing is that this Pikachu bed will set you back 39,800 yen (US$365), more than the price of a Wii U or a Nintendo 3DS.

Remember back when Pokémon was just a video game franchise? Now the games themselves are the cheapest form of Pokémon merchandise. I can go grab an old Game Boy version at the local second hand store for just a buck.