So you went crazy on the impulse purchases for Black Friday?  It's not your fault you couldn't afford to not buy that new TV or PS3.  Don't put away your credit card just yet people, the deals aren't over.  The Monday after Black Friday has traditionally been named Cyber Monday, referring to Black Friday-esque deals that are only available online.  In a growing trend of naming shopping days, Cyber Monday is the busiest day of the year for e-commerce in the U.S.

attcybermonadyAT&T is offering a host of online deals today that include $.01 upgrade pricing on select phones.  Currently, they're offering the BlackBerry Curve 8900 for 1Cent.  Every three hours, they're changing the device and terms, so keep checking back if you're looking to upgrade.  Activation is waived and they've been upgrading to free overnight shipping on all these Cyber Monday deals.

Dell is offering huge discounts on many of their popular products.  The Dell Mini 10v that's capable (via hacking) of running Chrome OS, Windows 7, or OS X is on sale for $279.  The 24" Dell HD widescreen monitor is $184, so if you were considering multiple displays, now's your chance to cash in. They've also got a 47" Samsung HDTV for $799.  Check out Dell's Cyber Monday deals before they're gone.

Best Buy posted a 2-day Cyber Monday ad that began yesterday with free shipping on anything over $25.  If you were waiting to buy that 65" Plasma HDTV, buy it today to save $700. is offering an incredibly long list of Cyber Monday deals with savings of up to 70% off.  They've got discounted notebooks, DVDs, computers, cameras, video games, and data storage.  Newegg is adding discounts to computer hardware, cameras, office supplies, displays and cell phones.

Each year, it seems more and more companies are buying into the idea that consumers are still willing to continue their shopping sprees well after Black Friday.  If you're one of those people, check out DealNews' Cyber Monday ad listings.  Let us know if you find some true gems.  Hurry, most of these deals end tonight!  If you aren't buying the idea of Cyber Monday, let us know why.