Gorilla Glass 2Gorilla Glass 2, Corning’s stronger, thinner sequel, is now being sent out to manufacturers with equipped devices set for release in the second quarter, the company announced. After launching its new initiative at CES early last month – for a demonstration check out our eyes-on – Corning has been hard at work qualifying its new standard with customers.

“Corning’s new glass composition, Gorilla Glass 2, enables slimmer and sleeker devices, brighter images, and greater touch sensitivity, providing an ideal solution for the newest, most sophisticated smartphones, tablets, and personal computers,” said David R. Velasquez, global director, Marketing and Commercial Operations, Corning Gorilla Glass.

So which device will get the GG2 treatment first, and when? The Verge reports that the earliest Gorilla Glass 2 devices won’t show up until “April or May,” although it’s unclear which products will be the first to dawn the new standard. Corning apparently made it a point to mention that both Acer and Asus are using Gorilla Glass 2 in upcoming products, so perhaps we’ll see it on something like the Acer CloudMobile or Asus Transformer Infinity series. And does this mean Apple’s next iPad will have last-gen glass if its launches in March?

We’ll hopefully know the answers to these questions soon.

[via The Verge]