We’ve had plenty of great looks at the anticipated iPhone 8, but a new dummy model gives us our best look yet.

A new video from Tiger Mobiles shows off a dummy based on CAD images revealed earlier this year. They got their hands on courtesy of famed leaker OnLeaks that shows off nearly every detail of the iPhone 8. The video of the dummy shows it rotating on an iPhone dock that displays the front, back, frame and bottom cut-outs

Front and center is the new edge-to-edge display. Gone is the home button making room for the upgraded display. It reaches from the bottom all the way to the top where we see the quirky bezel that will house the front-facing camera, ear piece and proximity sensors. The bezel is similar to what Essential includes in its phone but much less pronounced.

On the back, we get a great look at the shiny glass plate with the new vertical dual-camera. During close-ups of the camera cut-out, we notice the microphone that’s not symmetrically in-line with the cameras and flash, something Apple never does. The metal-frame has a shiny finish similar to the current Jet Black color option.

Tiger Mobiles also tested out the measurements of the dummy. It came out to 71mm wide, 144m tall and 7.5mm thick. That compares favorably to the iPhone 7 dimensions of 67.1mm wide, 138.3mm tall and 7.1mm thick. Both phones have similar dimensions, but the iPhone 8 will reportedly sport a much bigger display more akin to the iPhone 7 Plus.

The most notable thing about the dimensions, if they turn out to be true, is that the new iPhone will be thicker than the iPhone 7. This will be a welcomed change if Apple packs in a bigger battery, which earlier reports suggest. I’d gladly sacrifice 0.4mm of thickness for a bigger battery.

Expect to see many more dummy models in the coming months as the release date of the iPhone 8 gets closer. Past dummies have proven to be quite accurate, but we won’t know for sure until Apple unveils the iPhone 8.

Impressions of the dummy model are very favorable. It looks shiny, sleek and very premium. The new changes breathe new life into the iPhone that has been lagging with key upgrades the iPhone 8 promises to deliver.

Check out TigerMobiles’ full video showing of the iPhone 8 dummy model down below.