The next video revolution might not be 4K, but slow motion. Previously you had to have a really expensive rig capable of shooting worthy slow motion footage (or an iPhone 6), though an imminent update to the GoPro HERO4 will make that ability much more accessible. Want to shoot your next adventure in 240fps? Sure, why not. Now your daring cliff dive will look even better with everything slowed down.

Before, if you wanted 240fps, the quality was capped at 480p. But through magic and other unexplained wizardry, a new update will up your slow-mo video to 720p, giving you no excuse not to buy GoPro's best action cam yet. You can get a feel for what the footage will look like courtesy of Gizmodo's video above. Even someone casually skiing down a mountain looks cool; and when it cuts to snowboarding, the powder is majestically carved like a frozen wave.

If anything, it'll make the GoPro HERO 4 more fun, even if you don't regularly find yourself repelling down mountains or jumping out of planes (that's how I get to work every morning).

The upcoming update will also improve time lapse video mode, and upping 2.7K at 48fps to 2.7K at 60fps. Platforms like YouTube don't support 2.7K at 60fps, but you can still share that high resolution footage with friends and family right from your laptop. Additional new features include an auto rotate option, 30/6 burst photo mode, and the ability to add highlights tag during playback.

The update is supposedly coming in February, which is just days away. If you own a GoPro HERO4, prepare yourself.