gopro-hero3-black-editionGoPro is once again proving why it’s the hero of the action cam market. With competition from the likes of Sony and Countour+2 nipping at the company’s heels, the action cam pioneer is further distancing itself with an all new Hero3 — now 30 percent smaller and 25 percent lighter.

The Hero3 comes in three different iterations, with prices ranging from $199 for the entry model up to $399 for the Black Edition, which is capable of shooting 2.7K and 4K video. There comes a catch with the insane resolution, however: 4K drops frame rate down to 15fps, while 2.7K only allows 30fps. Not a deal-breaking tradeoff by any means, because not many consumers will take advantage of the higher res’s anyway.

Really, although it’s the priciest option, the Black Edition will be the one to look out for. It offers the most flexibility, and comes with a ton of options — not to mention better glass — that the White and Silver editions don’t. Not everyone is looking for a Professional Grade action cam, but for 200 extra bucks over the White model, you get plenty in return.

Here’s a short rundown of the Black Edition’s specs: 1080p in 60, 50, 48, 30, 25 and 24 fps; 720p in 100 and 49 fps; and WVGA in 120, 100, 60 and 50 fps; capable of taking 12-megapixel (wide) pictures, ability to take simultaneous video and photo, Wi-Fi built-in with remote, up to 64GB capacity microSD card support and a more mounts and accessories straight out of the box than you can shake a stick at.

GoPro has a full spec breakdown of all three models here, so check out the other two if you want to save a few bucks. And if you absolutely don’t want to spend $400 on a fancy new toy, you probably want to avoid watching the video below.

[via GoPro]