Making its debut this week is the Hero, a new entry-level camera from GoPro targeted at those who are just getting their feet wet with action cameras.

The company’s been having a hard time attracting casual consumers. While its cameras are still popular with people involved in more adventurous activities, GoPro hasn’t done enough to bring in newbies and have them upgrade over time. Going after surfers, skiers, hikers, and cyclists will only get you so far. The Hero, however, could widen GoPro’s customer base.

GoPro’s Hero looks a lot like its other cameras, and it does share many of the same features. The Hero ships with a 2-inch touch-enabled display, a 10MP camera with 1440p/60fps and 1080p/60fps recording, video stabilization, voice control, and a waterproof design.

It’s also compatible with dozens of existing accessories. GoPro didn’t create anything proprietary keeping customers from using accessories across cameras if they upgrade.

QuikStories is available for the new Hero, too. Just take photos and record videos as normal, and then the camera will automatically upload them to your phone. The files transfer quietly behind the scenes, allowing you to continue using your Hero nonstop.

The announcement of an entry-level camera comes as GoPro recently cut hundreds of employees and exited the drone business. Declining sales for action cameras and a competitive space for drones brought decreased revenue. Since then, the company’s readjusted pricing for its entire lineup. The Hero could begin a turnaround by being a gateway into the GoPro ecosystem.

GoPro knows it needs to be more affordable, so the Hero is priced at $199 and includes a standard mount with the camera. Now we’ll see if the market for action cameras can be reignited.

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