GoPro recently introduced a new HERO4 Session camera, a small cube that can surf, ski, fly and snorkel with you wherever you go. It’s a smaller member of the GoPro family but doesn’t require its own waterproof case; the whole gadget is water, dust and impact resistant right out of the package. The only trouble? It’s difficult to repair, according to a recent teardown, but that might be a good thing.

iFixit said that the front bezel can be replaced but everything inside requires “ripping, tearing, and dremeling through a rubber band, plastic casing and copious amounts of glue making reassembly infeasible.” It’s also nearly impossible to replace the battery. Normally we’d say that sounds awful, but this is a device that’s meant to be rock solid and watertight. Sounds like GoPro succeeded.

We haven’t had a chance to check out the GoPro HERO4 Session in person just yet, and while it probably doesn’t have the hardware to perform as well as some of the higher-end GoPro Hero products, it appears to be a well-built camera.

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