With 2014 quickly winding down, Google is back with its annual “Year in Search.” The company offers a close look at the people, places and things we searched for most in 2014, offering an outline of the year that includes both good and bad memories.

The top 10 searches of 2014 offer a pretty good take on what happened this year, ranging from Robin Williams to Frozen, the World Cup to Flappy Bird, and Ebola to mysterious missing airplane MH370. Google also offers more specific results, covering topics like most searched smartphone (iPhone 6), YouTube video (Mutant Giant Spider Dog) and World Cup Match (Brazil vs. Germany).

Google has also included a pretty uplifting YouTube video of its own to help sum up 2014. The company notes this year we searched for “hope more than fear” and “science more than fiction,” before jumping into a mashup of popular videos. Check it out below, and hit the source links for even more insights from Google’s “Year in Search” 2014.