Google Nexus 6-vs-Nexus 5-9

A report from The Information claims Google will offer (likely very limited) mobile phone plans, giving the search giant powers to be a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). A deal between Sprint and T-Mobile is imminent, the report says; once agreed upon, Google will be able to buy wholesale access to mobile voice and data through those networks. Once customers sign up for Google's plans, the search giant will manage (and have access to) everything from calls to mobile data. Frightening.

The Information says Google's plans will "shake up the U.S. wireless market," though it's unclear how much these plans to go for. We've heard on numerous occasions that Google was working on deals to become an MVNO, but not a peep since August. That rumor claimed Google was in talks with Verizon, but those meetings apparently didn't go anywhere. Additionally, a report as far back as early 2013 claimed Google had been working on wireless networks for emerging markets.

If something does come to fruition, don't expect Google's wireless network to be available everywhere; like Fiber, it'll probably be in select markets. Pricing and other information isn't available just yet, so we're not really sure what to expect. The Information was the one to report Google was in talks with Verizon last year, and nothing quite came of that. Perhaps Google will use a summer event such as Google I/O to make an announcement.