Google has been slowly migrating its stock Android apps over to the Play Store, and today email is breaking free as well. The app is available now through Google Play, though it’s still limited to stock Android devices running KitKat OS.

Offering a stand-alone email app instead of bundling it with the rest of Android has one obvious advantage, it makes it easier to push out future updates. We saw the same thing with Google’s camera, keyboard and calendar apps in the past, and all of those apps eventually became available to all devices, instead of just those running stock Android. It’s unclear if we’ll see the same thing happen with email, since most OEMs offer their own stock email service, but it’s certainly possible.

For stock Android fans this is still good news. Hopefully it means we’ll see Google take a more proactive approach with its email service, which is starting to get a bit stale. In the meantime, you can head over to the Play Store via the source link below to download the unbundled app for yourself.