Airships were supposed to be the future of transportation, a convergence of human industry and science fiction. But history had other ideas—and the dream died following the tragic crash of the German-made Hindenburg in 1937.

Google’s Sergey Brin, however, wants to keep the dream alive.

A Bloomberg report claims the Google co-founder is building an airship at the NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley—just ten minutes from Alphabet’s headquarters in Mountain View.

Sources with knowledge of the situation were unclear about whether Brin’s project is for business or pleasure. When reached by email, Brin told Bloomberg he had nothing to share. It’s worth noting Brin’s airship project isn’t related to anything being done by Google or Alphabet.

Apparently, construction of the airship began three years ago, and sources claim a skeleton for the dirigible has already been built. Alan Weston, a former director of programs at NASA Ames, is reportedly head of the project.

Brin isn’t the only Googler interested in futuristic air travel. Larry Page, fellow Google co-founder, has backed a few different startups tasked with making flying cars a reality. In fact, we got our first glimpse at Page’s Kitty Hawk just this week.

Bringing the airship back has been attempted by a number of companies over the last few years, including WorldWide Aeros, which we got a first-hand look at a few years ago.

Whether Brin creates a successful airship remains to be seen. But there’s no doubt the idea of dirigibles continues to be a glamorous dream, like the notion of flying cars.