You’ve probably already seen photos and videos of the WildCat, the impressively scary four-legged robot Google acquired when it bought Boston Dynamics. But in a new video, the company tries to show its terrifying creation in a friendlier light.

Unfortunately, the WildCat is still pretty creepy even when it’s dressed as a reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh. The short holiday-themed clip shows three of the robots pulling a sleigh that’s occupied by a human dressed as Santa. Maybe by next year Boston Dynamics will come up with a robotic version of Kris Kringle, too.

Google’s already announced a few interesting robot projects, including one robot designed to help surgeons become more accurate. Clearly Boston Dynamics is up to something big, though for now the company seems more interested in simply exploring what’s possible in the robotics field and putting out a few goofy videos along the way.