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Google has partnered with Foxconn, a massive Chinese manufacturer best known for pumping out Apple iPhones and iPads, according to a recent report from The Wall Street Journal. According to WSJ's anonymous insiders, Google's Andy Rubin, who previously led the Android team, began working directly with Foxconn last year.

Both companies reportedly stand to gain something from the deal. Google should be able to assemble its new army of robots and robotic devices faster than ever. In return for that assistance, the search giant will help Foxconn automate its factory and speed up production in general while also developing a new robotic operating system that could be licensed by factories similar to the way smartphones use Android.

At the moment Google's robotics team is reportedly focused on improving the manufacturing and assembly process, making Foxconn a perfect fit. Meanwhile, the consumer electronics-maker has already hinted at its plans to move into the high-tech sector, possibly shifting away from gadgets and towards more expensive products like cars and medical tools.

With Google and Foxconn working together there's no telling what the two companies will accomplish. Hopefully we'll get an official look at the joint robotics project in the not-too-distant future.