Google is attempting to be humorous with their latest advertising campaign.  We'll leave it to you to decide whether it is a successful attempt.  All many could think was to feel sympathetic to letting an actor the repeat the word "pizza" so many times that one could go crazy!

Apparently, all you need with Google Mobile is to tell your phone what you need and Google tells you how close you are to getting it.  Some will wonder whether the fact that the actor holds his phone in his left hand is a stab at Apple's alleged left-handed iPhone 4 problems.

One observant YouTube user discovered the following clickable opportunities: Click on the basketball at 0:42, on the word "azzip" at 1:22, on the fire at 1:47, on the word "Florida" at 4:39, on the horse head at 5:49, on the dinosaur at 6:36, on Santa at 7:58 and on the toast at 9:06

Watch the video to find out the surprise punchline.  Believe me… it's unexpected!  It starts with a "p" and ends with an "a"!