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Google has already confirmed plans to spin off its excellent Photos service from the rest of Google+. Now we're hearing the split could happen as soon as this week, according to Android Police and its anonymous inside source.

The new report doesn't offer an specifics. Instead we're simply told that something big is happening to Google+ this week focused on Photos and Auto-Backup. A standalone Photos app seems like the obvious choice. Android Police also points to recent evidence that Google's back-up service could jump from the social network to the Drive app instead.

It's possible Google could have something else planned entirely. The announcement might simply be a list of new features for Google+ Photos or other improvements to the current app. We may also learn something about the rest of the social network, now called Streams, which will continue to compete with Facebook and Twitter in that space.

But what we really want is a Photos app. It's already the best part of Google+ and it has the potential to be one of the best photo apps period. Hopefully it's not too long before Google pulls through, even if that's not what the company has planned for later this week.