Google released two more standalone apps on Wednesday, adding a few new features and making it easier to update these individual Android apps in the future. Phone and Contacts are now available on Google Play, though they’re only supported by a small handful of stock Android phones.

You should be familiar with both apps if you’ve used a stock Android device. The Phone app includes caller ID to recognize incoming calls from people and businesses, and also has a function to block specific numbers. It has visual voicemail and the option to search for nearby locations right from the Phone app, too.

The Contacts app organizes all the people into your life with space to include a photo, email address and phone number. You can save individual contacts to your Google account so they show up on any device, and the app will even help clear up any duplicates it finds.

Phone and Contacts are limited to Nexus, Android One and Google Play Edition devices for now, though it’s possible Google will eventually roll them out to more phones and tablets.