Google Nexus Player-20

Google's Nexus Player is going to be a whole lot easier to get hold of next week. Starting Sunday, January 25, the $99 set-top box will be available from a number of retailers across the U.S. — not only online but in physical, brick-and-mortar locations, too.

Built by Asus, the Nexus Player is Google's latest rival to devices like the Roku, Amazon's Fire TV, and Apple TV. It delivers media streaming much like the Chromecast dongle — as well as access to a world of apps and games, which you can play using its optional, $40 control pad.

Nexus Player is powered by Google's new Android TV platform, so in addition to accessing content from services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and YouTube, you can also buy it from Google Play Movies & TV.

For just $99, Nexus Player is a great addition to anyone's living room. Until now, it has only been available direct from Google Play, but as of this Sunday, you'll be able to buy it online from Newegg, too. Reddit users are also reporting that the device has been spotted in several Walmart stores.

You can also expect Nexus Player to begin popping up at other electrical retailers over the coming weeks and months. Now that supply is healthy, Google will want to make it as easy as possible for you to buy one.