Google has offered to invest at least $880 million (around 1 trillion won) to help LG Display boost output of flexible OLED panels, further strengthening rumors that the second-generation Pixel will sport a curved screen.

To be completely honest, this news isn’t all that surprising. Samsung’s latest handset, the Galaxy S8, packs an edge-to-edge curved display, and Apple has reportedly ordered 160 million similar panels for its next iPhone.

It’s worth noting that with Samsung Display busy manufacturing screens for Apple and Japan Display not ready to produce flexible OLEDs until 2018, if LG Display declines Google’s offer, we may not see a curved Pixel anytime soon.

A better camera and more impressiveinternals

Aside from a curved screen, the successor to the Pixel is expected to sport a better camera and more impressive internals. Google is also believed to be working on a budget-friendly variant with mid-range specifications aimed at emerging markets.