There is no doubt that Google's announcement of Jelly Bean and the Nexus 7 were huge for Android, but what about the next purebred smartphone for the search kingpin's mobile platform? Looking to the future, we've decided to conjure up a list of what we'd like to see in the next Nexus smartphone. I see these features as non-negotiable must-haves in order for me to want to spend my hard earned coin on Google's next in-house smartphone.

Before I dive into my list, I'll go ahead and say it, the next Nexus phone needs to be made by Motorola Mobility. Google has gone on record to say that Motorola Mobility will not receive preferential treatment over other manufacturers, however, I believe that a homegrown approach is very important if the new Nexus phone is to be a success. Now that I have a manufacturer in mind, here are the features that I think are top priority for the next Nexus smartphone.

1. Launch on All Carriers

One of my biggest gripes about the way Google has handled the launch of its Nexus phones is the lack of carrier support. High-end devices like the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S III are almost available on every major carrier and, in order for the next Nexus device to really get exposure, Google needs to make it easily available to consumers. All three current Nexus phones have had very limited carrier runs, with some models being sold directly by Google. This approach needs to change and we'd like to see a near simultaneous release of the next Nexus phone across all major carriers.

2. AQuad-Core Processor

Android has spearheaded the mobile hardware revolution but, sadly, the Nexus smartphones have been somewhat behind. The next Nexus needs to have a brutish quad-core processor that takes complete advantage of Jelly Bean. Might we suggest NVIDIA's Tegra 3 chip with support for 4G LTE networks? That would offer killer gaming, snapping performance and super fast data speeds.

3. All Day Battery Life

People live and die by their smartphone's battery, so the new Nexus will need some serious juice. Motorola Mobility has already produced the RAZR MAXX's crazy large 3,300mAhbattery and we expect nothing less from the next Nexus. Google needs to produce a smartphone that's ready to run a marathon, especially if we want to take advantage of all the sweet new features in Android 4.1 and the Google Play store.

4. An Improved Camera

Android's camera features have come a long way, but we've yet to see a Nexus phone produce pictures that rival that of most decent point and shoots. Google's next smartphone needs to have a pair of high quality camera sensors for taking pictures and placing video calls. Google Hangouts are easier than ever to initiate, and an HD front-facing camera should come standard. We're not going to harp on megapixel counts here, but we expect somewhere in the range of 8 to 12-megapixels and with a solid image sensor. Android 4.1 lets us view photos in a whole new way, why should we have to deal with mediocre images?

5. Support for Multiple Mobile Payment Systems

In hopes of pushing its own mobile payment system, Google has been a major advocate for NFC equipped devices. We understand Google's agenda, but with other options such as ISIS — the joint venture between T-Mobile USA, AT&T and Verizon Wireless — or Sprint's rumored in-house payment system in the works, why not give people an option and offer support for multiple mobile payment platforms? This will come down to the carrier ultimately approving which system is in use, but every Nexus should come ready to place mobile payments out of the box. Goodbye wallet.

A new Nexus phone is inevitable and I feel that these features are not only necessary, but they're very reasonable. If you think I'm on the money or you'd like to share your very own top five features with us, we'd love to hear from you.