OK, maybe this isn’t the sort of thing that you or I need, but it could really help our parents. Google has a new website that allows you to enter in what sorts of things you do most with a smartphone: working out, taking pictures, sending text messages and more, and then makes a recommendation based on what’s most important.

We tried it real quick and it’s actually pretty cool. Select three categories (we chose camera, video watching and texting as most important) and then answer a few questions about which features are most important. Google and its fancy algorithms do the rest. In our case, it picked the Nexus 6, Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S6/Galaxy S6 Edge as the top choices, which is pretty accurate.

Of course, the flagship phones are typically going to serve everyone pretty well, even folks who might not need that much horsepower. You can filter the results down by carrier, price and size, though, which is pretty awesome. Next time mom asks you which phone she should get, maybe pass her off to Google for once.