Google may finally be ready to announce a stand-alone photo app. The company has been hard at work on a new service separate from Google+, and Bloomberg reports that it could get an official unveiling at the company's I/O developers conference this month.

According to several anonymous sources, Google's new app will focus on photo sharing and storage. You'll be able to push images directly to Facebook and Twitter. Hopefully the popular "Auto Awesome" features that enhance your pictures on Google+ will be included in the new service as well.

We're curious to see what Google comes up with. If the company can simply unbundle the Google+ Photos app from the rest of the social network that will likely be enough. However, it looks like the search giant may want to differentiate itself even more from the competition.

Google previously confirmed plans to split photos from the rest of its social network. It's been a few months since the company hinted at the change though, and we're still waiting for an update. TechnoBuffalo will be covering I/O live from San Francisco late this month on May 28, though it's possible more information could leak out before then. Stay tuned.