Google is finally ready to show off plans for its new mega-campus. The tech titan unveiled its official proposal today, revealing 10 new renderings and a video explaining the entire process.

The plan involves redeveloping four separate sites and 3.4 million square feet around Mountain View where the company is already based, and transforming old buildings into futuristic new structures. There’s a clear focus on creating an open environment, with lots of glass and see-through canopies that cover each major area. Of course, the design also includes plenty of trees, bike paths and cafes.

Google notes that it wants to be open to the public, and not just its own employees. That includes access to some parts of the campus along with shops and other retail that can be operated by Mountain View residents. The design also includes plans to enhance nature itself, widening nearby creek beds and improving owl habitats.

The design comes from a collaboration between two world class architects Bjarke Ingels at BIG and Thomas Heatherwick at Heatherwick Studio, and it looks pretty amazing. This is what you might imagine Google’s headquarters already look like if you’ve never seen the current Mountain View campus. It’s full of beautiful curved glass exteriors and massive mall-sized structures packed with offices, cafes and yoga studios.

There’s no word on when construction will end (or even start), and Google still needs to gain approval from Mountain View’s city council. For now, check out the video below for even more information on the company’s mega-campus plans.