Google Nexus 6-vs-Nexus 5-8

Last month, a Facebook-made dialer for Android leaked online. Now a new report claims to reveal how Google could fight back with an updated Android dialer.

According to The Information, Google's new dialer will make it easy to search from inside the app for people or businesses. The company already offers something similar with its official Google Dialer, though that's only on stock Android devices. The updated app would presumably be available to more people, and it may also offer tighter integration with messaging.

The same report notes that Yahoo is developing its own app, which will blend text and video, featuring a mix of live and recorded messages. It's unclear exactly what the new service will look like, but apparently this is a big deal for the company. Yahoo doesn't have much of a stake in the messaging market, so this could be its chance to catch up.

Hopefully we'll learn more about these efforts soon. With Google I/O coming up this June, the company is expected to reveal its next big Android update, which could include the new dialer. As for Facebook and Yahoo, there's no way to tell when their announcements will come.