There has been a lot of talk about Google launching some sort of streaming music service for some time now, but it never seems to quite materialize. With the news last week that Amazon was coming from out of nowhere with its Amazon Cloud Player product, eyes immediately turned to Apple and Google to see how they would react, but thus far it has only been stony silence out of both camps.

That was until apparently someone at Google threw the wrong switch today.

The folks over at Tech from 10 discovered they had somehow been given a developer’s version of the Amazon Marketplace on their Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant.  As they went through the apps, they noticed that the Google Music Player said version 3.0 on it, so they downloaded it, and sure enough not only did it install, but the settings screen made references to streaming music.

Google music streaming settings

While they were unable to get the app to connect to any sort of cloud service, at least it’s confirmation that the service is being worked on.  When it will launch is anyone’s guess, but if it’s looking this polished, and it’s out there in some developer builds, we can’t imagine it’s all that far away.

Tech from 10 is hosting the file for those that wish to download it and play with it yourself, but don’t expect to miraculously connect to a cloud of music with it.

What do you think?  Are you ready for the battle of the streaming music apps that looks set to be taking place sooner rather than later?

[via Tech from 10]