Turns out Home Alone would have been a lot different if Kevin had his home outfitted with Google Assistant. That’s what Google’s new fun and whimsical Google Home ad shows us as it takes us back to the time when Kevin McCallister was left home alone, but reimagines his home decked out with smart appliances controlled with Google Assistant.

The holiday video recreates some of the most iconic Home Alone scenes with a much older Macaulay Culkin. He is just as prepared to take enjoy the house to himself, but with the help of Google Assistant, the adventure is brought into the modern world where life is much easier.

Some of the scenes that are recreated include the aftershave scene, the jumping on the bed scene and the pizza delivery scene. Even our favorite gangster movie, Angels With Filthy Souls, makes a cameo.

However, the marquee scene is when Kevin asks Google to begin “Operation Kevin” when the bandits are about to break into his home and, in an array of automated tasks, the lights are turned on, the locks are locked, the fireplace is ignited and the music begins. There’s even a shot of a cardboard cutout of a famous basketball player riding along on a train, though this time it’s Kevin Durant instead of Michael Jordan. And all of it is set to the backdrop of Brenda Lee’s “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”