The Gmail update everyone has been waiting for is finally available. After seeing the app unofficially pop up over the weekend, Android fans running Android 4.0 and up can finally use their many different email addresses in one place—support in the update includes Yahoo Mail, Outlook and Exchange. Google made a video that demonstrates what the new update is all about, showing just how easy it is to switch between multiple accounts.

In addition to support for competing services, Google's new Gmail update also introduces more Material Design inspiration. A convenient reply button was also added at the bottom of every message, while switching accounts on a tablet is now easier, according to Google.

If you're running an Android 4.0+ device, you can pick the update up through Google Play over the coming days. No word on whether an iOS update will roll out soon, but I imagine Google is working on something. Google has spent a lot of time trying to fix email over the last couple weeks, culminating in Inbox, but if you're looking for something a little more traditional, the latest Gmail update should do the trick now that it supports competing providers.