It’s easy to hide your browsing habits in Google Chrome, thanks to incognito mode. But if you’re not careful, your questionable searches could be revealed by the words remembered by your keyboard. Now Google is rolling out an update to fix that.

In version 6.4.11 of its Gboard keyboard for Android, Google has added a new incognito mode. It first showed up in an Android O preview, but this update brings it to Marshmallow and Nougat, too. It’s enabled when you use incognito mode in Chrome, and it prevents Gboard from remembering and learning any words you enter.

For now, it seems the feature only works in Chrome — but we’re hoping Google will later provide a toggle that lets you enable it inside any app. It would be helpful for those who use another web browser, or like to engage in sketchy conversations with their… friends.

Other changes in this update include a new GIF shortcut in the toolbar (yes, you now have three ways to find and send GIFs), a tweaked themes page (but no new themes yet), and a new move and resize screen for the one-handed keyboard.

Gboard version 6.4.11 is rolling out now to beta testers. If you aren’t already signed up to get beta releases, just follow the source link below. Alternatively, you can download and install this version of the app manually from APK Mirror.