Chromecast in the Woods - 01

It’s only been a year-and-a-half since Google first announced the Chromecast, but the company’s HDMI dongle is already close to dominating the market for streaming media devices. A new report from Parks Associates shows just how quickly Chromecast is catching up to the current leader, Roku, and leaving everyone else in the dust.

The study covers U.S. households with broadband service, revealing that about 10-percent of those homes have at least one streaming media device. A chart showing market share among the top three media streaming device brands for the past few years also illustrates how the market is shifting in Google’s favor.

Just a year ago, it looked like Roku was closing in on 50-percent of the market, while Apple TV held on in second with a 25-percent market share. But 12 months later, Chromecast has pushed Apple down to third place, grabbing almost 25-percent of the market for itself. As a result, Roku’s market share also took a dive, and currently hovers at around 29-percent. Amazon’s new Fire TV also managed to grab 10-percent of the market in 2014, putting it in fourth place overall.

Heading into 2015, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Google snatch first place in the streaming media device market. Of course, Roku could always manage to hold on or even push back against the competition next year, but for now the smaller company’s future is starting to look a little rocky.

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